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Paintings, Drawings and other creations by

Deborah Bredemus



Welcome to my Flower Garden Series.

My flowers are happy to be alive. They reach for the sunshine, smile and laugh with life. They are using the gift that was given to them:  beauty and the ability to share it.  We happily accept their donation and pass it 

Beautiful Plumeria,  Oil,   24" x 30"

Blue Beauties,   Oil, 24 x 30.  

Spring Glow,   Oil,   30" x 36"

Pretty Dancers - Alstroemeria,   Oil,   30" x 36"
Old Friends,   Oil, 24 x 30"
Angelus, Oil, 24 x 30,  SOLD
Dragon's Blood, Oil, 24 x 30
Sunbathers, 30 x 36" Oil
Baneful Beauty - Oleander 24 x 30 Oil