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Paintings, Drawings and other creations by

Deborah Bredemus

Dancing Spirit, Acrylic, 16" x 20"
Grandpa's Sweet Pea   (Lena, age 3)      Oil, 18 x 24
This piece is for a show called "What makes my heart beat."  Grandchildren are at the top of the list!
Mom Waiting,  Acrylic 16" x 20"
This is a philosophical representation of the one-ness of each person.  
The red represents courage. Textures represent the experiences of a long life.  It will have different meanings for all who look into it.
The idea f0r this piece came from a picture of my mother that my father carried with him while in the service.
Hephaestus,  Acrylic, 16 x 20
From the Greek Mythology Series.
Hephaestus is the Greek God of Metallurgy and Sculpture.  He was crippled from birth, raised by sea nymphs after his mother, Hera, threw him from the top of Mt. Olympus.  He created the world's first robots.
Anaphora Batik, 22 x 28,   donated to American Heart Society
Splendor, Batik, 22 x 28  SOLD

Family Portrait,  Oil, 18 x 24

The shoes we wear define our lives.

Recycle - Old school records made into hand made paper.  12 x 16
 Heh!   Watch This!  - Billiards.
        from the Knobby Knees series,  Acrylic,  24" x 30"

I've Got It!  - Basketball

  from the Knobby Knees series,  Acrylic,  24" x 30"

Electric Haze, 18 x 24 Mixed Media

Apple Pie, Mixed Media,  18 x 24"

Many Memories, Oil, 24 x 30, SOLD
Hopscotcch!  Acrylic, 24 x 24"
Synapse, Acrylic, from the "Intelligence " series , 18 x 24
MacPlay  (or Neuron - otic) from the Intelligence Series
Mixed Media, 24" x 30"
Fall,  Oil, 24 x 30"         SOLD

Watercolor 18x24      SOLD

Watercolor:  SOLD
Land of the Free, 16 x 20" Acrylic
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